Our installation „Spectrum“ shows a dystopian, temple-like scenario, with a sun made out of UV lights, to highlight the immense risk of getting skin cancer by using tanning beds.

In our eyes, a tanning salon is a kind of place of worship, in which a recurring ritual takes place.
In this installation we want to highlight the aspect of sun worship and focus on the object of worship: a sun made of UV tubes, which presence and radiance poses a threat that can even be measured in real terms.
Mankind is good at recognizing their mistakes in hindsight to act accordingly. Apparently it often takes time and distance for an objective analysis.
Therefore, in addition to the emotional closeness and experience, we try to create a temporal distance in which the recipient has the feeling that he is in an excavation site and looking at a long gone cult. In this way we want to enable a reflection on these two levels.

This project is a cooperation with the Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid) and ADP (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Prävention)

Thanks again to HEIMAT, Reinbeckhallen and our great production team Crofts Berlin.

Video by Claasik / Claas De Buhr
Music by Block Barley